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5 Ways to Nail Video Marketing for your Small Business

If 2015 was declared as the “Year of Video Marketing”, 2016 should be called the “Year of Video Marketing Explosion”! Since last year, we have already witnessed some major developments in terms of online video marketing. FromTwitter’s VideoNow and Instagram feed algorithm change to Facebook Live Video Streaming, Google’s card carousel update and websites

9 Ways SMEs Can Boost Engagement Using Facebook Reactions

  Since being rolled out in February, Facebook Reactions – an extension of the Facebook Like button, are being extensively used by businesses’ fans and followers! As mobile grows to become the biggest deal out there, this is an extremely helpful feature for time-strapped Facebook users. While the much anticipated move was made purely

Branding Yourself on LinkedIn– Landing Your Next Dream Job with REAL LIFE Skills!

With the advent of social media platforms, the process of identifying smart post-graduate students to fill key senior positions with a company has tremendously evolved over the years! However, how many of these fresh graduates have adopted the REAL LIFE skills required to establish a strong online identity, beat competition and land their next


A well-trained workforce reciprocates the benefits in a thousand ways!

How Social Selling Training Helps!

Keep Pace With Changing Online Marketing Technologies

Upgrade your digital marketing knowledge with respect to technology and processes in your niche

Skills Upgrade of Digital Marketing Teams

Learn new ways of Social Selling for attracting and retaining target prospects online

Access Helpful Social Selling Resources Anytime

Amplify your learning with helpful articles and resources on social selling and digital marketing

Simplify Complex Marketing Concepts

Step-by-step guideline to understand digital marketing ideas

Easy Implementation of Social Selling Techniques

Instructions that are easy to grab and quick to implement and practice your learning

Caters to All Skill Levels and Goals

A novice and professional in social selling, we have got you covered!

Evaluate Current Processes

Deep analysis of current performance and Online Marketing strategies to improve

Reduce Online Marketing Costs

Trained sales professionals mean higher productivity and more leads in less time

Get Measurable Results

Scale Online Marketing performance to your needs, measure and grow!

Leads Generation with Social Selling

Learn how TRUST Building within your niche is important to social selling generating more referrals and leads!

Ultimate success of social selling is when your target market approaches you instead of the other way around! How you can do it? By educating your target audience on your niche or offering and building enough credibility around your brand that your prospects buy from you without you having to sell!

Our LinkedIn trainings can help you achieve just that!


When everyone is moving forward together, success takes care of itself.

Social Selling Webinar

Why LinkedInLinkedIn WebinarAbout the Trainer
LinkedIn is the hub for social selling! The ultimate goldmine for B2B sales!

With 80% of business professionals on LinkedIn, are you missing out of the opportunity to establish your brand as leader in your niche and connect with your target prospects?

LinkedIn Training can help your business appeal to your B2B target market and develop strategies to appeal generate more meaningful leads online.

Establish a formidable presence and position yourself as a key influencer in your niche!

This Free LinkedIn Training webinar for business professionals will show you how to make every moment you spend on LinkedIn count so you get the maximum advantage when engaging on LinkedIn.


Logan Nathan is an avid and passionate LinkedIn Trainer and Digital Marketing expert with over a decade of experience of training and mentoring university students, sales professionals and businesses on how to effectively use LinkedIn for brand building and generating B2B sales.



Building brand advocates that personally care for your customers!

The Ultimate Digital Transformation Guide for SMEs

About solomoIT Academy

A division of solomoIT, the academy was established to provide LinkedIn training and other Online Marketing Trainings to entrepreneurs, business owners, corporations, and non-profit organisations so they could acquire the digital marketing skills required to thrive in the new economy.

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Constant learning raises you to a level you never thought you can reach!

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